Social Media Apps

  • There are so many social media apps, and new ones are popping up all the time. We’ve put together a list of the most common apps your children may be using, and, with some help from Common Sense Media, we’re letting you know about some of the dangers these app pose. We’ll be updating this list with more apps when we learn about potential problems you need to know about.
      Facebook - a way for people to connect with friends and colleagues
      Twitter - allows users to post brief messages and follow other users
      Snapchat - pictures and videos disappear after being viewed
      Instagram users can share photos and 15-second videos
       Vine - Vine lets users post and watch looping six-second video clips
       Calculator% - allows users to hide photos and videos
       Skout - allows users to arrange a “hook up” with another user
       Down allows users to arrange a “hook up” with another user
      Yik Yak - connects users with strangers in their area
      Tumblr interactive blogging site
      Google+ - a way for people to connect with friends and colleagues
       Oovoo - a free video, voice, and messaging app
       Pheed - a hybrid of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube - lets kids ask and answer questions
       Kik Messenger an app-based alternative to standard texting
       Omegle - an anonymous ways for users to discuss anything
       Whisper - a social "confessional" app
       Secret - lets users voice whatever's on their minds anonymously
       Burn Note - erases messages after a set period of time
       Badoo - connects users with strangers for friendship or dating
       Confide - lets users send messages that will “self-destruct”
       Keek - users post video statuses that can be viewed by strangers
       MeetMe - focuses on meeting, dating strangers
       Poof Texting - users can sent text messages that disappear after they’ve been read
       Streetchat - anonymous way to say or post photos of anything
       Tagged - users connect with strangers; emphasis on dating
       Tinder - matches people with other people around them for friendship or dating
       Viber - lets users make phone calls/send text messages globally
       Wickr - lets users send messages that won’t be archived

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