ACE Program

KISD Elementary, it is time to register for ACE!! Below is the link to ACE on-line registration. If you are registering more than one student, each student will need their own form.

Please know that the KISD ACE Team is diligently planning and preparing ACE for both Face to Face and Asynchronous students. Information will be provided in the near future.

Morning and afternoon ACE will begin on September 8th.




How is ACE funded?

The 21st Century Community Learning Center program is the only federal funding source solely dedicated to after school funding. These funds are appropriated to each state based on Title 1 funding. Each state then determines how funds are used and allocated. In Texas, a competitive grant process is available for school districts and non-profits. These funds are a part of the Federal Budget and the amount changes from year to year.

How many years of funding is available?

The current Cycle 10 grant has been approved for 3 years of funding based upon availability of federal funds.

What grade levels does the ACE Program serve?

Roger E. Sides Elementary K-5

Karnes City Junior High 6-8

Kenedy Elementary K-5

Pettus Elementary PK-5

Pettus Junior High 6-9

Pawnee PK-8

Runge Elementary PK-5

Stockdale Elementary PK-5

Stockdale Junior High 6-8

What are the hours of the ACE Program?

15 hours per week this translates to:

45 minutes before school

2 hours 15 minutes after school

Monday through Friday

When does the program start?

September 4, 2018

How do I register?

Registration forms should be available with Student Registration packets. Additional forms will be available at the front office of your child’s campus. Please note that our program is not intended to serve every student and to focus in increasing a student’s academic needs.

Students recommended for ACE will be made by school day teachers, Principal or Counselor to help identify students most in need of academic assistance. Once identified a Registration form will be sent home.

Type of activities does the ACE program offer?

Tutorials: small group instruction to help students in areas of academic need

Homework Assistance: large group environment where students have the opportunity to independently work on homework, ACE staff are there to create a productive work environment, ACE staff are not there to correct all homework assignments.

Academic Enrichment: large group activities to support learning through hands on activities.

Family Events: family activities to help connect and link to the school. Examples include Family Fun Nights, Craft Nights, and Family Holiday Nights.

Ongoing adult opportunities: examples include but not limited to GED, ESL, healthy living and fitness classes.

Do I have to attend family events?

You are not required to attend but we strongly encourage you to attend at least one event during the year. Our grant is required to serve your child and you so we hope to see you attend one of our exciting family events during the year.

What does a typical ACE day look like?

Morning ACE: (Available 45 minutes before school) Opportunity for students to finish homework or a safe place to go if students need to arrive to school early to allow a parent to get to work.

Afternoon ACE (Available for 2 hours and 15 minutes after school)


3:30-3:45 Snack and free time

3:45–4:45 Tutorials and/or Homework Assistance

4:45-5:45 Enrichment activities and continued homework assistance for students in first hour tutorials.

Can I pick up my student during ACE?

Please remember that ACE is not a daycare program and your child is participating in a program that is designed to help your child academically. If you need to pick up your child during ACE please try to do so between first and second hour activities. We know this may not always be possible, but we ask to keep this request in mind. This allows your child to fully participate in the activity from beginning to end.

Do the activities change?

Yes, each 6 weeks the Site Coordinator will change up the activities and schedule to keep students interested and excited about attending ACE. Our program partners with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4-H to use youth development curriculum. We also purchase different academic enrichment curriculum to provide a fun learning environment for our students. In addition to tutorials and homework, our grant needs to provide enrichment activities.

Do I have to enroll my student each semester?

You must complete the initial registration form to enroll your child each year. Typically this happens in the Fall. If your child continues for the Spring Semester a shorter version Continuation form is required to maintain current contact information.

Do I have to sign out my child every day?

Yes. This is a state grant requirement to ensure we have accounted for each child during and at the end of the program. This is an embedded safety requirement for all Texas ACE program participants.

Does my child have to attend every day?

Your child does not need to attend every day; however we ask that you make a commitment to have your child attend a minimum of 45 days.

What if I can’t be there at the end of program to pick up my child?

Please contact your Site Coordinator as soon as possible with your plan for optional pick up arrangements for that day. Please note that the ACE Program has a late pick up policy. This policy states that if we have not been informed of a late pick up and not able to reach you or anyone on your emergency contact list then we will contact the Sheriff’s department. Please make sure any changes in contact information are shared with the Site Coordinator.


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