Bond 2017 FAQs


How was the Kenedy ISD 2017 Bond developed?

The 2017 Kenedy ISD School Bond is a result of quality community input and careful weighing of options. The bond package was pulled together by a Bond Advisory Committee made up of district staff, community leaders, and members of the Board of Trustees. The Committee met three times to evaluate the need for facilities renovations and new construction in the district. During its meetings, the committee received presentations from industry professionals, toured existing Kenedy ISD facilities, and participated in a ranking exercise to place projects in priority order. The committee’s final recommendation was sent to the KISD Board of Trustees for review. On August 21, 2017 the Board approved the committee’s recommendation and unanimously called for a school bond election.

What is included in the 2017 bond, and how much is it for?

The 2017 Bond is split into two propositions. If approved by voters, the proposed 2017 Bond Proposition A will repurpose the old Middle School into KISD Administration Offices, community classrooms, a Coastal Bend College remote site, and a Trane Center of Excellence, provide renovations to the elementary school and high school, upgrade existing athletics facilities, and provide various district-wide improvements. If approved by voters, the proposed 2017 Bond Proposition B will fund a new baseball/softball complex located on the KISD campus. The KISD Board of Trustees unanimously called for a $26 million bond referendum to fund these proposed projects.

With the 2017 Bond, How would Kenedy ISD’s tax rate compare to other area school districts?

Even with the tax rate increase from the 2017 Bond, Kenedy ISD would still have a lower total tax rate than many surrounding school districts:

District M&O Tax Rate I&S Tax Rate Total Tax Rate

Runge ISD $1.0400 $0.4600 $1.5000

Yoakum ISD $1.0400 $0.4490 $1.4890

Cuero ISD $0.9600 $0.4905 $1.4505

Kenedy ISD $1.0400 $0.3677 $1.4077

Pettus ISD $1.0400 $0.1984 $1.2384

Do homestead exemptions apply to multiple properties?

No. Texas Law requires school districts to offer a $25,000 exemption on residence homesteads. The owner has an ownership interest in the property and uses the property as the owner’s PRINCIPAL residence. The applicant is required to state that the applicant does not claim an exemption on another residence homestead in or outside of Texas.

Texas Tax Code Section 11.13

Does the 65+ exemption apply to multiple properties?

No, neither the homestead nor the over 65 exemption can be applied to multiple properties other than the principle residence. Texas law requires school districts to offer AN ADDITIONAL $10,000 residence homestead exemption to persons age 65 or older or disabled.

Texas Tax Code Section 11.13

How much of the bond will local industry pay for?

The commercial industry that makes up a significant portion of Kenedy ISD’s tax base will pick up an estimated 95% of the 2017 Bond, which equals $24,700,000. Approximately $1,300,000 is allocated to residential property owners, a class that includes the average tax payer.

Is Kenedy ISD required to sell the entire bond amount approved by voters?

No. Kenedy ISD will sell what is necessary to complete the proposed projects.

What is a Chapter 41 school district?

Kenedy ISD is a Chapter 41 school district, meaning funds collected by the district are subject to recapture by the State for redistribution to other school districts. Kenedy ISD’s 2016 recapture rate was approximately 60%, meaning that of the $15,758,228 local taxes the district collected, $9,354,561 was “recaptured” by the State.

For example, if the $26 million worth of 2017 Bond projects were to be financed through M&O funds, and therefore subject to recapture, $65,000,000 of local tax revenue would be required.

Can bond funds be recaptured by the State for redistribution?

No. Per state regulations, bond dollars approved by voters cannot be recaptured by the State for distribution to other school districts. This bond package offers renovations to our existing educational environments and expansion of our athletic offerings while keeping 100% of your bond tax money right here in Kenedy ISD.

What is a Trane Center of Excellence?

A Trane Center of Excellence is an educational facility designed to specific parameters to meet quality standards recognized by Trane. The KISD Trane Center of Excellence would be a collaboration between Kenedy ISD, Trane, Coastal Bend College, and the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3). The upgraded middle school facility would include specialized labs and classrooms that will house Coastal Bend College’s programs for Residential Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVACR), Commercial Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVACR), and Building Automation Systems (BAS).

Who would take care of which items in the Center of Excellence agreement?

Coastal Bend College will provide the curriculum and course instructors, Trane will provide engineering and design of the labs, NC3 will provide training for the instructors and the national certifications, and Kenedy ISD will provide the facility (old middle school) to house the Center.

Why build a Center of Excellence in Kenedy ISD?

Local demographics show a high demand in the area for certified HVAC mechanics and installers. The Texas workforce commission has classified this industry as an in-demand industry and the job outlook well into the future predicts growth much faster than average. In addition, because HVACR systems have become increasingly complex, employers generally prefer applicants with postsecondary education or those who have completed an apprenticeship.

Students from Kenedy ISD, other area school districts, and surrounding communities will be able to pursue nationally-recognized NC3 certifications, dual credit courses, an Associate’s degree in HVAC, and continuing education.

Kenedy ISD’s Trane Center of Excellence will be one of only ten similar Trane facilities being built in the entire state of Texas.

Wouldn’t this money be better spent on our students’ education?

Bond money does NOT pay for the general maintenance and operations of a school – it does NOT pay teachers, run buses, provide food services or maintenance and custodial services. If the bond does not pass, any renovations, remodels, and/or improvements to keep our schools open will come from maintenance and operation funds, which WILL take funds from the education of our children.

Where and when can I vote?

You may vote early from October 23 through November 3 at the Karnes County Elections Administration office, located at 210 West Calvert Avenue, Suite 140 in Karnes City. Early voting will be open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Early voting will not be open on the weekend.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. Polls will be open from 7:00am – 7:00pm at Kenedy City Hall, located at 313 West Main Street in Kenedy.

All voting precincts will vote at the same voting location during early voting and on Election Day.

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