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Kenedy ISD - Karnes County Board Policy Manual- This manual contains policies governing the operation of this District.

The policies are included because they are required by law or by the Texas EducationAgency; because they are recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards as essential to effective District governance and management; or because the Board wishes to make a statement in a particular policy area.
This Localized Policy Manual was created with the assistance of TASB Policy Service and adheres to certain structural conventions. The most visible of these conventions is the presence of separate (LEGAL) and (LOCAL) policies at many policy codes. This separation,described in greater detail below, serves to help all users—whether members of the public ormembers of the Board—distinguish between the requirements of an extensive body of school law and the policy determinations of the local Board. Policy BE(LEGAL), for instance, recites statutes and case law governing meetings of the Board, while policy BE(LOCAL) adds a local dimension  (agenda preparation, meeting time/place, and the like). To fully understand policy regarding Board meetings, therefore, the manual user should consider both the (LEGAL) and the (LOCAL) policies together.
This policy manual, though it contains an extensive collection of legal materials relevant toschool districts, does not constitute legal advice. Districts should obtain legal advice aboutpolicy decisions or any other particular legal matter from their legal counsel
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