Any type of bullying behavior can cause severe and lasting harm to its victims and is a serious issue. Kenedy ISD is committed to doing all that is possible to lessen this problem. Through a program designed to increase staff and student awareness of bullying, how to recognize it and methods to eliminate it, it is the desire of the district to implement plans to diminish all bullying behaviors so that our students feel safe and confident about being at school.

For specific information, please refer to our 
Student Handbook and Code of Conduct .

What is Bullying?

Scenarios: Each of the examples below  (Bully Checklist Scenarios) provide a hypothetical scenario and then apply each component of the checklist to the situation, ultimately determining if the action or actions meets the legal definition of bullying according to the Texas Education Code.

How to Report Bullying?

  • Kenedy ISD is using an online reporting system for students and parents to anonymously report concerns about school violence, bullying, and self-injury to school administrators. Concerned individuals can anonymously submit either by using the web link below or iPhone/Android app.


 District Access Code is KISD123!

Anonymous Reporting


If a student believes they are a victim of cyberbullying/bullying or if a teacher or other school personnel have knowledge about an incident of cyberbullying/bullying, they should immediately report it to a campus administrator. Students and parents may also use our anonymous incident reporting system ( FILL OUT ANONYMOUS FORM ONLINE) . Students or parents can submit reports such as bullying, cyberbullying, dating violence, drug or alcohol use, threats against the school, weapons on campus and more. All messages submitted remain completely anonymous. KISD ensures that we have a system for our students and community to report bullying and other student concerns without fear of being identified

Bullying Reporting Procedure (Education Code, §37.0832(e), as amended by HB 1942 (82nd Legislature))  
Requires a school district to post on its website, to the extent practicable, the procedure for reporting bullying.   If a student believes he/she has experienced bullying/witnessed bullying, the student or parent should notify the teacher, counselor, principal, or another district employee. The administration will investigate any allegations of bullying and will take appropriate disciplinary action.   Kenedy Independent School District Student Expectations:
    • We will not bully other students.
    • We will try to help students who are bullied.
    • We will make it a point to include all students who are easily left out.
    • When we know somebody is being bullied, we will tell a teacher, parent, an adult at school, or an adult at home.



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